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Handwriting Happiness

Wow, life has taken a jump to hyper speed recently!  It can be amazing how fast each day goes and before you know it months have gone by.  I like writing more lengthy detailed posts, but for the time being I may simply be popping up some great resources and short updates of what we are doing, here in our little schoolhouse.

I do want to invite you to follow my The Learning Leaf facebook page.  Facebook is where I will be posting most of the resources and activities that we are doing daily/weekly.  It is a wealth of information whether you homeschool, teach public school, or have littles at home.

Today’s share is this fun FREE gem that I found via pinterest.  It was created by Lacey Yates (find her blog here) and is housed on her store at

Handwriting is a focus write now for my Princess.  She has most letters down, but a few still need some work.  She enjoyed this simple, yet rich page of activities.  She loves to color, and the uppercase/lowercase practice is much appreciated by her momma.  These sheets are long enough to get a good amount of practice, but short enough that she doesn’t lose interest.

Handwriting clip

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink

Yep, I blinked and all of a sudden it was Sunday!  As I look back, it is hard to remember what happened throughout the week – with myself as well as our learning activities.  At the beginning of the week, I found myself in a dangerous postition…I had no more lesson recording sheets.  It was on my mind to print some…and then, I got distracted!  I am not at all worried about it, simply humored by how fast a week can pass.

In light of this, I want to simply share some new resources I have recently completed:

1)  Dolch Sight Word PowerPoint – Kindergarten List 1 – using the lists found at, I created a PowerPoint presentation including 13 sight words, a sentence with each word, and a review slide at the end.  These are a compliment to the pre-k set that I made last month.

  • The words in (K)List 1 are:  they, under, now, ate, four, soon, saw, all, please, will, into, good, brown

(K)List1 image

*   *   *

2)  Dolch Sight Word Tracing Sheets – Kindergarten List 1 – dashed words to match the (K)List 1 words above.  This document is a little plain at the moment.  Working to update it soon.

(K)List 1 tracing image

*   *   *

3)  ABC tot Tracing – Many times, Madison wants to work on the same thing as her big brother, sight words included.  I created this document so that a toddler can trace inside the letters A-Z.

ABC tot tracing image

*   *   *

I have an ABC tot PowerPoint but it is a little too rough to upload at the moment.  Look for it to come soon.  Also, look for a download and/or printables tab coming soon.

Blessings to you as you venture on this week.


My son, four years of age, has spent his lifetime in play mode.

Exploring, discovering, learning by his interactions with the world around him, as it should be – and as it is naturally.  In the past few weeks, I have noticed a tendency for him to “look” for something to do and I sensed it is time to have a few more “structured” learning activities on hand.

In the past, it has looked like a fun craft here, a number counting activity there.  However, recently the Lord has directed me to guide my son in three specific areas – math, handwriting, reading.  Knowing these areas of focus, coupled with the understanding that it is time to add in more learning activities,

I sensed the need for a game plan.

This is when I stepped back and went to the Lord, asking for His game plan in guiding my child’s learning process.  I wrestled a little with the public school structure that I had been immersed in for ten years, knowing I didn’t want to simply “recreate” public school at home.  In all honesty, to move into the freedom of homeschool was a bit daunting.  I wanted not the old way of things, but the perfect way of things for my son and for myself as the learning coordinator/facilitator.  After conversing with the Lord about the in’s and out’s of where I had been before and where we were now, the Lord revealed the beginnings of His plan for us.

This really started with the fact that I was collecting papers here and there that Mason had completed, displaying his learning path.  It was accumulating and I realized I wanted/needed a more structured way of recording lessons and seeing where we had come from and where we were going.  Ok, simple terms…I wanted a lesson plan book!  The problem was that I knew it was going to need to be different than what I was used to using.  It turns out it is not all that different of a lesson plan book, rather a different paradigm of schedule.

Our game plan –

For each focus area, have 3-4 learning activities/lessons ready for the week.  When an activity is completed, I record the completion date beneath the corresponding lesson.  This will help us to not be rigid and yet also allow us to continue moving forward.  I am excited about the freedom to do all math one day, or an activity from each area another day, or no activities in a day.  I feel also, even at four, that it helps Mason begin to take the lead in his own learning and time management.  Finding his flow, and our flow together each day.

lesson plan template pic copy

The template is simple and basic, yet exactly what we need at this moment in time.  I am excited to use it and watch it evolve (maybe) in months and years to come.  I plan on using the extra subject lines to write in our spontaneous moments of learning that turn into lessons in their own right.  A basic outline, a simple structure that allows for life flow during the week – priceless.

If you are looking for a simple tool to help you get started, or just for a place to start, then you are welcome to download this template for free and use accordingly.

Activities this Week:


  • Roll & Count, Star Wars Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Size Sequencing, 4th of July Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Simple Addition problems




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