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Juggle Whatever

Our local library has a wonderful summer reading program for the kids.

They give a lot of prizes for reading logs and other challenges given throughout the summer months.  One of the things we love and look forward to is that every Wednesday, they have scheduled guest entertainment.

So fun.

These entertainers range from the OKC Zoo with fun animals, “Mad” Scientists that do amazing chemical reactions, Musicians that get the kids up and moving, and more.

This was the third year for us to attend what has become one of our favorite performing duos…Juggle Whatever.

Juggle Whatever is a husband and wife duo who bring a fun and exciting act to the library each summer.  Jeremy and Kelsey have a great rapport with the kids.  They interact perfectly with those in attendance and the children respond well to them.

For the thirty minutes or so that we get to see them, Jeremy juggles balls, pins, etc. as well as doing it all on a unicycle!  Kelsey also interacts in the juggling and brings hula-hooping into the mix.  This year we saw a little bit of acrobatics in the program as well.  The first year I saw them was wonderful, and then the next year they turned off the lights and did a glow show!  What!  I love it, and so do my kids.  Each year they just keep getting better and better.

Juggle Whatever travels all over the nation performing an amazing entertaining show.  We are always riveted to each step of the performance.  The duo also have many other talents that the library doesn’t afford them room to perform, such as walking on stilts or juggling/hooping with props on fire.  Hello.

The second part I appreciate about there performances is the message that comes with them.  Jeremy and Kelsey add in the message of what it takes to be able to do and perform their acts.  Making mistakes.  They always speak on the idea that mistakes will happen when learning something new.  This year they spoke about “grit”, the characteristic of pushing through until you have achieved what you set out to achieve.  As stated on their website…

Screenshot 2018-06-29 16.19.50

I appreciate this because I had real trouble with this as a kid and I see it in my own kids.  It is very powerful for Builder and Princess to hear that message from a couple they admire.

In addition, at the end of the library program the kids get to give plate spinning or juggling a try of their own.  They get to practice the fun stuff, and practice making mistakes in a safe and fun environment.

At this year’s program, Kelsey mentioned that they have applied through Performers Without Borders for a chance to travel to Kenya to perform their act and deliver their message to children on the continent of Africa!  So next year when we see them, they may be international superstars!!!


An added benefit of this whole thing is that Princess is very interested in the art of hooping and so this year, we will be purchasing a beginner hoop for her.  That will be her big yearlong goal to improve and move forward in (and stick with) the craft of hooping.  I am excited as well because, well, of course I have to get a hoop now to help Princess learn her tricks! (wink, wink)

If you are in need of entertainment for a gathering, downtown event, library program, etc.  I highly recommend looking into Juggle Whatever.  You can find them here on the web, or here on Facebook.  They are two very friendly, inspiring, amazing people.  We love to see them each year, and may try to see them in some of their other venues around the area.

We wish them many blessings and much favor throughout the year.

And You? ~ What skill would you attempt if you allowed yourself the grit to push past the mistakes? 

Rainy Day

Why do I continue to look for the perfect curriculum?  To me it is like the brass ring on a merry-go-round.  I can’t seem to stop reaching for it!  I know that each curriculum has its pros and cons.  Even in my philosophy of education, I believe that no one curriculum is right for everyone.

So why am I still looking!?!?

Recently, we have found the free home curriculum Easy Peasy over at  And you know, I really like it.  We have been using it for three weeks now and it seems to fit really well into what we are doing.


Now, as we go, Builder needs to move on in math.  Princess needs to skip a whole week!  Yeesh.  And I find myself doing the eclectic thing by bringing in the science, spelling, and handwriting that I want and feel is right for Builder.


I need to remind myself that truly, I know what is right for my kids.  Deep down, I know if they are challenged, bored, or struggling.  I know if they need to move on, slow down, or speed up.  Or even, just take a break.  It is ok, to pull in this, push out that, and start over again if need be.  It’s ok to jump full force into a sunny day and play outside or go to the park instead of getting all tasks done.  And vice versa, it’s ok on a sunny day to get done what we need to.

In point, this schooling at home thing is far more fluid than what I am used to and comfortable with.  The lessons I learn each and everyday, match or far exceed what my kiddos are learning.  Or maybe, just maybe, they are learning with me and from my mistakes and successes.

Lord, lead me, lead them, lead us.

On a lighter note, springtime is on us in full force.  So, to go along with that oh so sweet sound of rain, we are giving our hands a try at making our own raindrop display.  I’m thinking this may spin off into a full blown water cycle unit.  We shall see.

Here is the project I found over at

raindrop suncatchers fine motor for preschool

For full instructions and pictures to boot, click here or on the link above.  What follows are my abbreviated instructions:

  1.  Find a handful of blue crayons.  They can be all the same blue, or different shades of blue.
  2. Peel the papers (great fine-motor skill).
  3. Sharpen crayons over a medium to large piece of wax paper.  Until the wax paper has a good sprinkling of wax shavings.
  4. Place an equal size piece of wax paper on top and iron on the lowest setting.  It only takes a quick moment to melt wax.  Let cool.
  5. Draw raindrop shapes on the wax paper and cut.
  6. Use a hole punch and string to tie onto your raindrops and display.

I will update with pictures once our raindrops are proudly displayed.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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