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A New Approach

As I was reflecting on this past week, in preparation to write, I realized that the previous few posts all had an unintended theme… we hadn’t finished most of what was planned!  However, there were always impromptu lessons that had come during the week.  This made me begin to wonder if my approach to planning needed to be tweaked.  That’s when it hit,

A New Approach

Rather than starting the week with the lesson plan sheet filled and waiting, leering at me, start the week with a blank lesson plan sheet.  Each time we complete an activity throughout the week, I can record it by subject and completion date.  The exact same information will be recorded simply at the end of the week, as opposed to the beginning.  This seems to bring another layer of freedom to our flow with the Lord in our education walk as well as the freedom to have time to create materials to compliment lessons and explorations – also making it easier to make them available to others.

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I suppose this makes the “Lesson Plan” template, more of a recording sheet, so be it.  In the end the education is the same, the learning is the same.  I still know the directions the Lord has given me in each subject area of focus, as well as wonderful ideas to bring that learning experience to Mason.  Inevitably, though, it takes a couple of weeks to bring the concept lesson into reality.  Recording activities after they happen frees me to move with the new ideas without “assigning” them for the week and then not having the time to create the materials.  I am looking forward to trying out the flow of this new approach.


Math:  Mason wanted to play on the site and played a game that was excellent for completing patterns.

Reading:  We also use the website  I highly recommend this website.  It is free, fun for the kids, and easy to navigate.  Mason practiced the word families: -en, -og, -at, -et, -an.

Arts/Crafts:  We created beaded necklaces.  This also doubled as a Spanish activity by naming the colors of the beads in Spanish.

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