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Amazing Grace

As I reflect on this past week in our education adventure, I am filled with joy and wonder at watching the Lord as He leads us in this journey.  Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we simply forget or overlook the amazing grace of God and that He is truly interested in EVERY aspect of our lives.

My birthday was last week and we were excited to have family stay with us on Monday and Tuesday, as well as a trip out of town scheduled for Thursday.  First thoughts were to simply put the planned educational activities on hold for the week and move on with them next week.  At the same time I felt a desire to get the blog post up for the week and so entered the pressure to have activities lined out, pictures taken, links to attach, etc.

In reality, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make

it all happen and stay a sane and pleasant person!

So I listened to the Lord and took the step not to cave to the pressures.  As I did, an entirely new opportunity opened up before me…I watched as the Lord Himself moved and flowed with, in, and around Mason to bring about the learning opportunities for the week.  Wow.  It brings tears to my eyes to have known and yet now to have experienced the beauty, gentleness and great care the Lord has for my children.  Here is what it looked like (click pic to download):

Amazing Grace tracing clip-1

Monday morning Mason saw the leftover Shape Tracing worksheets from last week and asked me if he could do them.  Um, yes!  He quickly finished those and I thought, why not hand him the Site Word flashcards.  We went over them once together and then he spent the next ten to fifteen minutes playing with them, rearranging them, making “sentences” with them!  And this was all before Grandma and Uncle arrived.  Again, wow Lord!

Handwriting and reading…check.

On Tuesday, Mason went to the store with Grandma and Uncle and came back with groceries and a fun Crayola Practice Pad for math.  He then spent the next 20+ minutes at the table with Grandma doing simple addition problems.  We were also able to do a measuring activity at the end of the week.

math fun

Math practice…check.

On Wednesday, as we were resting and cleaning from the past two days, we came across a fun pack of ocean foam stickers that Grandma had bought.  Mason was able to make an ocean scene and we talked a little about seaweed and plants in the ocean.

Ocean foam crop


Flash cards…$$$, Tracing sheets…$$$, Foam Sticker set…$$$, Crayola learning book…$$$, saying no to the pressures of the world and yes to Jesus…priceless.


Math completed:  Crayola Practice Pad, Measuring with 1″ unit tiles

Handwriting Completed:  Shape tracing worksheets – squares, triangles, diamonds

Reading Completed:  review Sight Word flashcards

Arts/Crafts Completed:  Ocean Foam sticker project

Up-and-Coming:  Activities this Week


  • Starting to work with 2-10 as groups of 2s (I’ll post later what I use to do this.)
  • Crayola Practice Pad, addition problems


  • Around Town Tracing Words
  • Practice Writing our Last Name


  • Find some books (i.e. old childrens books, emergent reader printed books) and highlight familiar sight words


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