Growing Every Day

The Rest of the Story

This week, we marked absolutely nothing off our learning list.  However, I must say the list at the beginning of last week was prepared simply for the sake of preparing a list.  My heart was absolutely not in it, and I did not seek the Lord as to the direction of our activities.  Knowing this, I am not surprised that there was no motivation to accomplish the tasks listed.

The rest of the story…

I love that learning takes place no matter what prepared list you may have.  It is our natural state to be curious and to be led by our passions to learn more about the world and life around us.  It warmed my heart to read a book with Mason before bed only to find out that he can name 7 of the 9 planets and knew that they “went around on an orbit”.  Hello!

In retrospect, I find we often forget how simple it is to learn.  Formal lessons are not always (maybe rarely) the path to true learning and understanding.  In fact, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom {Ps.111:10; Pr.1:7; Pr.9:10}.  Much learning and dare I say initial learning is done through life flow conversations and experiences.

Worksheets and prepared lessons often do more to simply solidify the concept.

I still feel that I am baby stepping along in this realm called homeschool.  I’m still not completely sure what it looks like and what the flow feels like.  I know the Lord will show us his perfect way.  I say ‘yes’ to the plans that Father has uniquely designed for us on this path, in this season of learning for all involved!


As we didn’t complete the activities written on the “lesson plans”, I want to recount the learning I saw occuring:

Math:  Mason was playing the app – Baby Bus Logic King (android).  The app was about placing two numbers on one side of the see-saw and then placing two different numbers that equaled the same quantity on the other side.  He had a lot of fun with this, so I will most likely create a fun paper version of this as well.

Reading:  I printed a graden unit that included an emergent reader type printable book.  He read through every page, asking for help with maybe two words.  In my search on the internet, I found it difficult to find emergent reader level books that incorporated the words he needs, so I will likely be writing one of those as well.

Science:  Reading through a book on the universe, talking about planets, orbits, the sun, and stars.

Up-and-Coming:  Activities this Week


  • Begin to explore numbers as groupings (i.e. 6 is 3 rows of 2)
  • Watch Array PowerPoint (numbers in groupings of 2)
  • Crayola Practice Pad, addition problems




  • Make beaded necklaces and say the colors of the beads in Spanish.

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