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Trial Run

Last week was our trial run of the lesson plan template from the previous post.  About half way through the week I thought to myself that maybe the week of the Fourth of July was not the best time to start anything new!  However, in further thinking I decided that it was fine.  It gave me a chance to see the flexibility of the template and how it worked.  The initial consensus is that I love it.  It worked really well to list the ideas of activities and have the freedom to do them in any order we wanted.

On the teacher side of things,

I have to say that I felt a little pressure to “complete all lessons listed”.  I really pushed back this feeling, knowing that I am choosing to move in a more free flowing homeschool atmosphere.  Then, of course, there was July 4th and its family gatherings; the day after, we didn’t even worry about attempting any learning activities.  We chose rest.  On Thursday, I was looking at what we had completed and had yet to do.  I began to reflect – had I planned to much, was this going to work?  Then the realization hit, it was only Thursday.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were still on the calendar.  Even the idea of school being Monday – Friday had been deeply engrained in me.  I have to say, I love that we don’t have to mold ourselves into the August through June, Monday through Friday structure.  The freedom to do school as is fitting for our family is very liberating.

Also, in thinking ahead to what I would like my son to work on, I remembered reading that part of Kindergarten readiness was to be able to draw certain shapes.  I decided it would be beneficial to work on straight lines and corners in shapes such as squares and triangles.  So, I decided to make the following template:

Squares Practice pic

Mason saw me working on these and zipped through the squares and triangles.  He then asked me to create diamonds, crescents, lightning shapes, and a slew more!  I let him know Mommy was done making shapes for the day, but that I would have them ready soon.  I have made the squares, triangles, and diamonds templates available for free download (click on corresponding word).  Hopefully by next week, I will have available a complete packet of shape templates.

On the student side of things,

it is fun to see Mason really enjoying the increased level of learning activities.  Last Monday as I was printing some sheets for the week, I intended to print two pages of a work pack and ended up with ten!  Oops.  Mason loved it.  Anytime he sees me printing or working on a lesson, he wants to stop and do it right then and there.


We completed none of the planned math activities, three of the four handwriting activities, one reading activity, and neither of the planned arts/crafts activities.  One of the activities from last week was to trace 4th of July related words…star, flag, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, etc.  Mason did such a great job on it, we decided to cut out the strips and use them as our July 4th decorations.  He also really enjoyed the website.

4th of July dec pic blog

*  *  *

Up-and-Coming:  Activites this Week


  • Simple Addition page (math probs on a sheet of paper)
  • Roll & Count, Star Wars pack from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Size Sequencing, 4th of July pack from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Tangram templates,




  • Q-Tip American Flag, 4th of July pack from 3 Dinosaurs
  • Make Bead Keychains (practice colors in Spanish)

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  1. Impressive! And very exciting to see Mason’s enthusiasm! Thanks for forging ahead in this new “flow”. I am sure many will benefit from you being a forerunner! Blessings to you in all your efforts!

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